Brow and Lash Trio

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Your choice of one Hold Up Soft Set Creamy Brow Wax, one Shape Up Soft Fill Brow Pencil, and One and Done Long-wear Volumizing Mascara. (Value $67)

Bundle Includes:
1 x Hold Up Soft Set Creamy Brow Wax
1 x Shape Up Soft Fill Brow Pencil
1 x One and Done Long-wear Volumizing Mascara 

Brow Pencil Shades:
Blondie is a light/medium neutral blonde, for Golden Blonde, Medium Blonde and Red Hair
Oak is a light/medium neutral brown, for Platinum, Gray, and Dark Blonde Hair
Teddy Bear is a warm neutral medium brown, for Medium Brown Hair
Pecan is a neutral deep brown, for Dark Brown Hair
Cacao is a neutral rich black brown, for Darkest Brown to Black Hair

Brow Wax Shades:
Light/Medium for Blonde to Light Brown and Gray Hair. 
Medium/Dark for Medium Brown to Black Hair

Mascara Shade:
Nightlife is a rich, velvety black