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When I think about iconic duos, quite a few come to mind. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Barbie and Ken. Pineapple and Coconut. Carrie and Big. But, when it comes to beauty, one duo takes the cake for me as the most iconic ever, and that is….Bronzer & Blush 😊  There is no better pair to bring vitality, dimension, and shape to your complexion than these two classic, timeless, beauty bag essentials!

what exactly is the difference between bronzer and blush?

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So, what exactly is the difference between bronzer and blush and where do you use each? Bronzer is used to make you look sun-kissed or tan on the areas the sun would naturally hit your face, while blush is used to add a flush of color and warmth to the cheeks. Imagine yourself on a beachy summer vacation, when you are living your best outdoor life and getting that natural from-the-sun tan. Now imagine taking your tan self for jog on the beach, creating a beautiful rosy flush as your body temperature naturally warms up. This is when we feel our most vibrant, healthy, and alive – when we have that perfectly natural tan rosy glow. And the great news is, we have blush and bronzer to mimic that vacation best self feeling every single day of the year.

Now that we know bronzer is used to create a sun-kissed tan. And blush is used to create a healthy flush of color, how do you apply them? The main difference is that bronzer may be applied to the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, nose, neck, chin, and anywhere you want to contour the face and neck area. Bronzer not only gives a tan halo of warmth to the face, but it can also be used to sculpt. Blush, on the other hand, is meant to be applied to the apples of the cheeks and cheekbones, usually concentrated more at the pillowy center of your cheeks (the apples) and blended lightly up into the cheekbones into your bronzer.

Tie the whole look together

My favorite way to apply bronzer with blush, is to apply bronzer first. Using a large, fluffy brush, I generously sweep bronzer across my forehead jawline, neck, and cheeks. Then, I take a smaller more precise brush, and use bronzer to contour the hollows of my cheekbones, sides of my nose, and sides of my forehead to sculpt. Golden Hour is a great shade for contouring because it has a more neutral undertone that helps create shadows. Using our Make Me Blush Brush, I then take blush in a light to medium pink (like Sakura or Desert Rose) or peachy shade (like Angel Suede) depending on my look that day, and sweep it from the apples of my cheeks up into my cheekbones, blending it up into my bronzer.

Finally, I choose a blush 1-2 shades brighter (like Soft Nectar or Phoenix) and pop it just on the apples of my cheeks, right in the center for an extra flushed glow that draws the eyes to the center of my face. I find this trick to be incredibly flattering, and it also helps extend the life of your blush throughout the day. For a finishing touch, I love to go back with my bronzer brush and do one final sweep over everything to tie the whole look together and ensure a seamless, natural blend.

And there you have it – beauty’s most classic and iconic duo and why I love them so much! I hope you learned some tips and tricks to achieve the sun-kissed rosy glow of your dreams, and happy shopping!!


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