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LAWLESS brings you looks that’ll last all day, with benefits that’ll last for years to come. 

We have high standards when it comes to our formulas, with active ingredients at or above proven efficacy levels. 

Ingredient obsessed, because it’s good for you. 

Formulated without potentially-toxic chemicals because...

1) Our Founder, Annie, has a genuine passion and need for cleaner formulations.

2) There’s simply no need for toxins in beauty.

3) Our skin deserves better.

Our standards are high.

Truth is, we’re makeup people—so our products must pass the test of the makeup-obsessed. That means high-performance, high-impact, and instant (and long-term!) gratification. We use the highest-quality (read: expensive) pigments that are color-true and deliver coverage and finishes that last from application to removal, And since our formulas are clean, safe, and benefit your skin, the longer you wear it, the longer it’s working for you.  

Testing, Testing.

We source active ingredients directly from raw material suppliers, versus going through a 3rd party. Active Ingredients are patented, tested in-vivo (on people) and in-vitro (in a petri dish). 

Our final products are then claims-tested with four methodologies: instrumental, expert grading, consumer perception, and dermatologist evaluation. Our complexion products are certified non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. 

Clean like you've never seen.

We’re committed to delivering high-performance products that offer a visible difference, all-day wear, and rich concentrations of active ingredients—all without compromising on safety.



Our products are 100% vegan, because it’s more ethical and sustainable to avoid animal-derived ingredients and animal by-products in our formulas. 


We prioritize your health and well-being, with products that include safe, gentle, and effective ingredients for all skin types, without sacrificing quality.

 PEG Free

Every product delivers uncompromised purity and performance, protecting your skin from potential irritants and synthetic polymers. 


We’re proud to test our products on ourselves, not on animals. 


Formulated without potentially-toxic chemicals because 1. Our Founder’s genuine need for cleaner formulations; 2. Potentially toxic ingredients are not necessary; 3. We all deserve better, without sacrificing quality. 

Our “No” List


Aligning with our commitment to safety and wellness, we don’t use parabens, which can cause hormonal disruptions and potential reproductive harm, 


We’re talc-free because it risks asbestos contamination. Our products remain carcinogen-free and safe for every use. 


Prioritizing your health above all, we avoid PEGs due to their carcinogenic impurities and respiratory irritation.


Recognizing gluten sensitivities and conditions like Celiac Disease (like Annie!), we consciously keep our products gluten-free for inclusivity and safety. 


We steer clear of phthalates to eliminate risks of endocrine disruption and potential toxicity to reproductive health. 

Mineral Oil

Our commitment to carcinogen-free beauty means that untreated mineral oil, a known human carcinogen, has no place in our products. 


Reflecting our dedication to both human and environmental health, we don’t use sulfates, which can cause irritation and potential toxicity to aquatic life.

Carbon Black

Avoiding this helps us sidestep concerns over cancer, reproductive health, and contamination with heavy metals for your peace of mind. 

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