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Complete Your Lip Routine:


NEW! Maple Sugar: a warm truffle


Use a base shade of your choice! We love "First Base" which is in The One and The Little One.

Using a fluffy brush, apply "Honey Child" in windshield wiper motion through the crease. Next, go in with "Cherub", a beautiful soft matte berry that isn’t too purple. Use a flatter, more packed brush to pack it on the outer V of the eye and then blend up into the crease. Keep it lower than "Honey Child" and more concentrated to the outer corner of the eye – do not follow the full length of the eye crease to help build definition.

Before going in with deeper shades, give yourself a "shadow shield" by packing Seal the Deal under the outer third of the eyes. We will sweep this away after application but it will protect your complexion if you have already built your base!

Go in with "Unconditional" (Annie’s favorite matte tone in the palette! It is both unexpected and totally flattering across skintones). Keep this in the outer V and blend it in the crease.

Using your finger, tap "Baby Love" onto the crease. The payoff when using fingertips is more intense than when using a brush. Pack this onto the part of the lid where you have not applied the matte shadows. This is a great way to bring light into the center of the eyes.

Take the flat end of a packed liner brush and dip into "Cozy Bundle" – stamp that onto the lower lash line. Moisten the tip of the brush, dip it back into "Cozy Bundle" and then stamp the upper lash line.

Take a domed brush and blend "Sweet Dreams" and "Cherub" together – blend under the lower lashes to soften the line. To further soften the look, take a fluffy blender brush and lightly dip back into "Honey Child" and sweep that across the whole eye look to help shades diffuse into one another.

Take a little touch of "Baby Doll" on your fingertip and lightly apply on the brow bone to catch the light and give yourself a little extra glow!

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